What is the meaning of an Electronic Signature?

The secret to a smooth document process is:

In its most basic form, an electronic signature is just a signature in digital form. It functions in a similar way to wet signatures in that it allows signatories to approve or agree to a document's terms. An electronic signature is a means of employing computers to authenticate the signatory and confirm the document's integrity.
Digital signatures are an electronic signature type that uses complicated algorithms, certificate authorities (CAs), and trust service providers (TSPs) to validate the signator as well as the integrity of the document.
ZOOM Signatures is free electronic signature software that streamlines business processes and elevates contract management. Get access to helpful tools that will allow you to complete sales in hours rather than days. With the aid of our free electronic signature software, you may legally sign PDFs, invoices, contracts, and much more with legally-binding eSignatures straight from your desktop or mobile device. Create a role-based online document signing order and send a fillable PDF to as many recipients as you need to collect electronic signatures. Save time preparing papers for signers by turning them into reusable templates.

Why ZOOM Signature?

Safe and Dependable

Sign and seek signatures on your most essential papers in a secure manner.

Maintain Your Composure

ZOOM Signature uses military-grade encryption to protect the security of your data. It complies with the latest e-signature regulations, such as ESIGN and eIDAS.

Improved Document Personalization

The ZOOM Signature allows you to drag and drop blocks to build proposals and quotations faster than ever before directly inside your CRM. In seconds, you can add information, goods, media, and more to your quotations.

Better assistance

ZOOM Signature’s customer service team is regarded as one of the finest in the business in terms of responsiveness and satisfaction. We provide a range of support options and are available by chat, email, and phone to meet your requirements.

Simple and Easy UI

Newcomers may create an account, upload, eSign, and transmit their first document for signature in minutes with ZOOM Siganture's easy UI – no training or downloads are necessary.

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Get rid of aggressive pricing strategies with hidden renewal charges. You simply pay for what you use with Zoom Signature, with no hidden fees for more sends or templates.

Top features

Exceptional Experience

 Increase the number of people who complete the task.
 Online, mobile, contact centre, branch, and virtual channels are all available.
 100% free electronic signature software

Strong Identity Verification

 You can choose from a variety of identity verification and authentication methods.
 Certificate-based IDs issued by trustworthy authorities and partners are likewise supported by ZOOM Signature.

Simple to Implement

 Increase the number of people who complete the task.
 Certificate-based IDs issued by trustworthy authorities and partners are likewise supported by ZOOM Signature.

Advanced Protection

 Protect yourself against fraud by encrypting your digital signatures.
 Take advantage of the world's most stringent cloud security standards.
 Third-party auditors have verified the information.

The efficiency of the process

 Integrate e-signing and workflow features into your app or website in a matter of minutes.
 Certificate-based IDs issued by trustworthy authorities and partners are likewise supported by ZOOM Signature.

The efficiency of the process

 Integrate e-signing and workflow features into your app or website in a matter of minutes.
 Certificate-based IDs issued by trustworthy authorities and partners are likewise supported by ZOOM Signature.

Are ZOOM Signature's electronic signatures legally binding?

They are legally enforceable and can even be used as evidence in court. The United States eSignature Act of 2000 (US Federal Act) and the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act were the first to recognize electronic signatures as the legal equal of handwritten signatures (UETA). In addition, several other nations have enacted similar legislation as a result of this precedent. ZOOM Signatures complies with these regulations and is regarded as a recognized and reputable software vendor.

How do ZOOM Signatures receivers sign documents?

Our simplified free electronic signature software makes signing and returning papers in a few fast clicks exceedingly straightforward and convenient for any client, partner, or employee. There is no need to register. When someone receives a sign-up link or an email invitation, they may quickly eSign the template by typing, sketching, or using their camera to capture their signature.

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Frequently asked questions

A person can use an electronic signature to indicate their agreement to the terms of a document or to express their assent. Electronic signatures, sometimes referred to as e-signature, can be legally enforceable in a variety of situations. A person's name written out, a picture of their cursive signature uploaded, or a signature made on a tablet or smartphone's screens are all examples of e-signatures. To confirm that the person signing a document is who they say they are, some electronic signatures include digital IDs.
To get a document signed, just upload it. Drag and drop the signature and form fields into the page after entering the email addresses of your recipients. After you click Send, Zoom Signatures will email a link to your document to each signer.
Here are several methods for creating an electronic signature: Use a mouse or finger to create your signature.
Create an account with ZOOM Signatures and upload a picture of your signature.
Draw it by hand using your cursor.
Use our typefaces to personalize as you type your signature.
A handwritten signature can be replaced by an electronic one. The law, however, does not necessarily specify what that should be. It specifies the requirements for writing a contract but leaves it up to the reader to decide whether paper and pen or a computer and mouse should be used.

The advanced electronic signature standard is met by ZOOM Signatures, which also establishes a logical link between the signer and the final document. Some elements of the signing process satisfy other requirements of UK common law and US law tests for valid contracts, and PDF Certification (and "hashing" as a secondary backup) creates a tamper-proofed and time-stamped final document. 1-use links provide a unique connection with a signer and guarantee sole control of a signing event. Email (and additional identity verification, if required) can be used to identify a person.
Electronic signatures do not have to adhere to a particular format. Instead, they may be used in a variety of ways, each having unique properties. Hence, we may list the following instances of widespread usage of electronic signatures today:
A certificate authority issues digital certificates.
Token. Although it is regarded as an illustration of a digital signature, the banking industry is the only place where it is now employed.
Employing biometric information for identification and signature.
Authentication with a username and password (in either one or two steps).
An electronic handwritten signature.
Open our ZOOM Signature creator.
Select "Sign" under "Tools" (the eye-catching symbol in the upper right corner).
You will see ‘Create signature’ on the next page and click it.
You may choose to write, draw, or upload your signature.
Drag the signature to the document by selecting "Create Signature."
Hit "Finish and Sign" after making it as huge as you can.
When finished, save your signature as a PDF.
Convert it to JPG if you want it as an image.

Your demands should determine the output's format once you've generated an online signature.
JPG is the format to use if you plan to sign a lot of documents; you can drag and drop an image onto almost any text editor, such as Word, Google Docs, or Text Edit.
Choose the JPG option if you want to include your customized signature to your email. You should be able to update your email signature using the settings page of the majority of email programs.
On the other hand, you should save the signature in PDF format if you need to keep it on file or distribute it as part of a signature request. Of course, because the tools are free to use, you can choose to utilize both.
Open the email that asks you to sign your document electronically.
Press the link. Your document ought to open in our ZOOM Signatures - eSignature program or another electronic signing tool.
Accept electronic signatures. You might need to consent to signing. You should notice tags with directions to start or sign the document after confirming consent and whether it was submitted using ZOOM Signatures.
To add your electronic signature when necessary to sign or initial, click each sign tag and follow the instructions.
Adopt a signature to save the details of your signature.
Click FINISH to verify your signature. When you're done, a message notifies the sender that the signed document has been sent.
Open a free account with ZOOM Signatures.
Choose "Start immediately."
You may sign a PDF document by uploading it.
I'm the lone signer, therefore check that box.
Click "Sign."
After Sign click on “Start Now” “Drop your Document here"
Upload your documents and click on “I'm the only signer” and “Next”
Enter “Recipients Name and Email” Click on Next
Drawing and Type your Signature
Finally click on next and send to anyone.
Upon entering ZOOM Signature’s website, It will only take just a few seconds to log in or create a profile if you don't already have one.
Upload the required data file or pick one from your Documents, Archive, or Templates library folders.
You may rapidly load the required document from preferred clouds with almost any device thanks to the interoperability of cloud-structured storage.
Your data document will be opened in the most recent version of PDF Editor, where you may make adjustments before continuing.
To advance your goals, type text, add graphics, add notes, or create fillable spaces.
Use the "My Signature" button to sign yourself, or use the "Signature Fields" to send the required signature to one or more recipients.
When finished, click the DONE button to continue sending.
In a Word document, position the cursor where you want to add a signature.
Click "Signature List" under "Text" on the Insert tab, then "Microsoft Office Signature Line."
In the setup box that appears, fill up the sections for the signature's specifics and choose your preferences for the signature box.
Right-click the document's signature area.
Click "Select Image" to select a previously stored image of a signature after that.
It is an online application, where you can create your signature online and send to anyone.
Yes, it is, we are using a very high and advanced level of coding to secure the platform because Electronic Signature is the legal process. So you can use it.