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E-Signature Online Free - ZOOM Signature

E-Signature Online Free - ZOOM Signature

We all are in the firm grip of technology. Technology has made revolutionary changes in everyone’s life. Many people find it very difficult to migrate from one place to another because they want to sign a document.

The internet has taken the world by storm, going places. Internet and technology go hand in hand together, and one can jolt down an e-signature with the help of the available online platforms. There are various free online tools for doing an e signature online.

The best part about doing an e-signature is that it can be done from the comfort of your home, and you do not need to get out of the home. ZOOM signature is one such portal that lets one draw or type their online signature, saves it, and then use it on any document on the laptop or the computer.

ZOOM signature is the kind of application that uses 256-bit SSL encryption to secure all the connections and the file transfers. As humans, we all have one major concern: no matter what happens, our data and privacy shouldn’t be at stake. The 256-bit SSL uses military-grade security, and it also guarantees the privacy of online documents.

ZOOM signature adapts well with Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. For reassurance, the servers remove the uploaded files from their servers after one hour.

ZOOM signature has become one of the most prominent methods to get a digital signature done. The signing process takes place on the servers, and no software or application is installed. The interface of this application is very user-friendly, and one can get a document signed in under a minute.

What are the steps to sign a document?

A private key is used for creating an E-signature on the online platform, and it is stored in a hardware cryptographic token. This token is of one-time use. This online electronic signature service is integrated with the API to sign a document digitally.

All of has to do is sign up with ZOOM Signature, which is a 100% free online tool. There are authentication options for doing an eKYC. These options include biometric or OTP of the e-KYC service provider.

This e signature online free service has set a benchmark for all the other service providers out there as ZOOM Signature is at its zenith.

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