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Why electronic signature is important for real estate business?

June 24, 2022 posted by Admin

In today's world, real estate is an industry that is expanding rapidly because of the demand it generates. The final result of the real estate transaction is selling the property. A lot of documentation is involved in this process, including binding contacts by real estate agents and brokers. There is less paper involved these days because the process is begun electronically. Although electronic documents are employed in the real estate market, physical paper is still required when drafting the plans of buildings. However, as contract signing, document storage, sharing, and creation become more common, electronic signature are becoming increasingly widespread in the business. There are several advantages to signing a real estate contract electronically from ZOOM Signatures. Some of them are listed below:


The concept of e-signature can aid real estate brokers and agents since they can sign documents and agreements from any location and at any time. Agents may virtually sing from anywhere, thanks to the e-signature capability for cloud computing. To put it another way, while showing properties to clients, one can electronically sign a paper for another customer or partner. The concept of e-signature might aid real estate brokers and agents since they can sign documents and agreements at any time and location.


Using cloud computers and technology, e-signature decreases costs fast. To save money, e-signature activities don't necessitate the use of paper. Therefore printing, scanning, copying, mailing, and postage costs may be avoided. As there is no need for paper, it saves money on ink, paper, printers, and shipping.


Traditional handwritten signatures take a long time to complete, but an electronic signature may be completed in seconds. In the real estate sector, using an electronic signature has transformed the amount of time it takes to finalise a single sales contract. Since electronic signatures may be completed in a matter of seconds, they can be used to transport electronic documents and information securely. E-Signature can assist your firm in avoiding the delays associated with transitory handwritten signatures. Because of the 90% reduction in e-signature turnaround time, you may devote more effort to improving other aspects of real estate performance.

Enhanced Security

Electronic signatures protect data sent over the internet and the identification of trade parties in real estate. Electronic signatures employ mathematical techniques to check and authenticate all transactions and trade partners, ensuring the security of data exchanged over the internet. There is no risk of customers' information being accessed by unauthorised parties when real estate agents and corporations use e-signature services.

Accuracy & Efficiency

When a document is filled out and signed by hand, it is more prone to mistakes. When completing an electronic document, all necessary fields must be filled in before it can be submitted. Unlike a typical handwritten signature, electronic papers may be corrected without affecting the entire document, unlike a traditional handwritten signature. An electronic signature eliminates the need for paper documents. Paperwork and effort wasted on copying and rewriting incorrectly completed documents can be eliminated using electronic signatures in real estate transactions.


The usage of electronic signature from ZOOM Signature in the real estate market has transformed the industry and boosted its property sales turn out. The information of clients is safeguarded, and transparency is increased.